Welcome To The
Prometheus Project.

The Prometheus Project was founded on a simple premise - to unlock the gateway to exclusive high-value products once only available to ultra-high net worth individuals. 

Like Prometheus, the Titan who gave fire to mankind, we aim to level the playing field by bridging the gap and opening these once closed doors.

About Us

The Prometheus Pass is your key to having the first-mover advantage in our upcoming projects. Our founding team understands that who you know is more important than what you know, because a community can share resources and information, and we have brought together multiple leaders in their own industries who believe in this vision. We want to build a community of like-minded individuals who can participate in building and expanding this disruptive new ecosystem.

We believe that our projects will speak for themselves, and our NFTs are backed by real-world physical products. We seek to tokenize traditional high-end quality products, to increase liquidity and reduce entry prices so that we can bring them to our community and make them readily available to all.

Priority access

- Whitelist for Partner NFT Drops

- Whitelist for Exclusive and High Value Physical Product-linked NFT Drops (1st Drop - TWC coming soon)

VIP access

- Real Life Private Club Events

- Online Auction Events

Exclusive Events

- Contest Giveaways

- Club Events with Prometheus Prize Pool

- Monthly Community Sessions

Exclusive Community

- Exclusive Discord Channel

- Inner Circle dialogue with HNW individuals

- NEW: Alpha Whale Tracking Channel

frequently asked questions
What is the Prometheus Pass?

The Prometheus Pass is a key that grants you lifetime access to our exclusive club - think of it as a membership card to all things Prometheus in the future. Our discord channel is open to all but Pass holders will have early access to information and launches as compared to our public channel.


We have set our supply at only 1888, as we wish for this to be an exclusive community so that we can focus on time and energy on each individual member. Once all passes have been minted, the only way to enter our community will be by purchasing it on the secondary market on OpenSea.

Can I sell the Prometheus Pass?

Absolutely. You can do so via OpenSea - but be aware that by selling the Prometheus Pass, you will lose your access to the Prometheus Pass-only channels as well as Pass benefits.

How many collections / sub-projects
will The Prometheus Project have?

The Prometheus Project is a long-term project with the aim of building a community to network, share resources and collectively own high-value and rare physical products that appreciates over time. We already have an inventory of real-world high-value assets that we plan to tokenize, and are always on the lookout for more.

If i do not hold a prometheus pass, can I still buy into the upcoming collections / sub-projects?

Yes you can! However, we will prioritize holders of our Prometheus Pass to have priority access to mint our upcoming drops, before opening it up to the public.

meet our team
Benjamin Tan

A serial entrepreneur since his 20s, Ben has started, scale and sold multiple businesses. He entered the world of crypto in 2016, and has never looked back since. He is a big believer in the NFT space, an avid collector and an advocate for education and transparency. He is committed to make a lasting impact by advancing the space and building something unique. In another world (the real one), he is a family man with 2 kids and runs various businesses in e-commerce, education and the medical industry.

Don P

An entrepreneur since young, Don has successfully built up an education chain with presence in both Singapore and various parts of Asia. An early adopter and believer in Bitcoin and the crypto space, Don has recently sold off his Lamborghini for BTC instead of fiat. Through his business connections, he has access to ultra-high net worth individuals in the region, as well as in the private equity scene. He also happens to be the youngest Amex Centurion (Black Card) holder in Singapore.

Prometheus C

The Consultant is part of the core team of The Prometheus Project, as he is a firm believer in the Greenfield opportunity that it presents. An efficient problem solver, he has invested strategically into disruptive sectors and has built up his own fund, which reached a seven figure AUM by the age of 26. He then applied this skillset to private companies to streamline their operations and business models, and started his first multi-million dollar company by the age of 27. Due to the nature of his work and his clients, the Consultant cannot reveal his identity to the community as of yet, but will always be hanging around to share his insights, as well as to mentor the members of the community.